The School of Destiny is NOW ENROLLING for the 2015 Sessions.

(JEREMIAH 29:11) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 


  1. To Be Empowered To Fulfil Your Destiny.
  2. To Learn the Ancient Secrets Of Success
  3. To banish failure from your life’s and Destiny
  4. To key into the appropriate socket of Destiny.
  5. To empower youth to realise there untapped potentials
  6. To network & Connect with Those in Your Stream of Destiny.
  7. To Discover Your Destiny And Be Empower To Fulfil It.
  8. To inculcate the spirit of excellence into your life’s.
  9. To raise eagles and superstar Christians leaders.
  10. To develop your leadership skills
  11. To Make Ready For The Lord; A People Prepared and Imbed The Spirit Of Discipline & Holiness.
  12. For The Development & Consistent Disciplined Godly Characters.


  1. Introduction To The School Of Destiny
  2. Your Destiny Blue Print
  3. Destiny Vultures
  4. Prayers That Bring Success & To Fulfil Your Destiny
  5. Goal Setting
  6. Igniting Your Creativity
  7. Marketing Your Potential & Gifts
  8. The Reading Allergy
  9. School Of Failure
  10. The 7 C Of Success
  11. The Excellent Spirit
  12. The Law Of Success
  13. Wisdom & Power
  14. The Mystery Of Vision
  15. The Pacesetters
  16. The Power Of Character
  17. The Mystery Of Music
  18. Worldly And Godly Music
  19. The Power Of Honour
  20. Recovering Your Virtues
  21. The Secrets Of Greatness
  22. Building Blocks Of Success
  23. Accountability
  24. Destroying The Evil Powers Of Your Father’s House
  25. Relationships With God
  26. Relationships With Friend & Opposite Sex
  27. Relationships With Your Family
  28. The Blessings Of Loyalty & Faithfulness.
  29. Career Exploration.

For More information, contact Pastor Humphrey on 07939432416 or Click On This Link http://wecaretrainingschool.org/index.php?_a=course_detail&course_id=46