A man who has gone through a lot and is yet to complete his powerful journey is Anthony Williams was born on 7th October, from London UK, Gospel rapper and songwriter with a Filipino origins.

Married to Dancer & Fashion Designer: Rachel May Williams, and currently attends New Vision Church Of God UK in Nottingham, UK.

Anthony Williams released his debut Single on 1st April 2013 called ‘Dead or Alive’ now available on digital download and on CD including a bonus track called ‘Girlfriend’.

Anthony Williams is a man who came from the streets of corruption, drugs and even gangs; he went through change and decided to become a born again Christian. Through his music and his passion for the Lord, he strives to send out the message of the Lord to the young people.

Thus, whilst sending out this message, he does it through the medium of gospel music. With various radio interviews, TV interviews, an award winner (Praistek Gospel Music Awards 2010) nomination (2009 Newsome award, USA) and performances under his belt.