Your seed gift and sponsor makes it possible for "Kingdom Youth Outreach" to meet and deliver its wide range of needs such as programmes and services that tackle the issues facing local people.

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Youth Outreach Bonanza provides advice and support for young people and their parents.

Youth Outreach Bonanza One Stop Shops and Centres

A ‘Youth Outreach Bonanza One Stop Shop’ is a venue where local partners come together to deliver a wide range of services for young people. These services include the provision of youth work, information, advice, guidance and support on education, work, training and volunteering, advice on drugs, finance, health, including sexual health, housing and much more. A Youth Outreach Bonanza ‘Centre’ will offer or signpost to all the above but less services may be available directly at the site.

Young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

Young people who have learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LDD) can get help from Youth Outreach Bonanza until they reach their 25th birthday.

Youth Outreach Bonanza’s personal advisers offer young people with LDD aged 13-25 impartial information, advice and guidance on their post-16 options such as further education, training, employment and independent living.

Support for parents and carers

Youth Outreach Bonanza is a sources of general information and advice which may help you support your son or daughter