Your seed gift and sponsor makes it possible for "Kingdom Youth Outreach" to meet and deliver its wide range of needs such as programmes and services that tackle the issues facing local people.

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Kingdom Youth Outreach, part of we care community, provides impartial information, advice and guidance and personal and social development opportunities for young people. You can be confident that Youth Outreach will meet your statutory responsibilities for securing independent, impartial guidance for students.

Careers, employment and personal support

Young people are facing increased complexity and competition in education and labour markets and benefit from independent guidance and support to make their decisions and choices.

Kingdom Youth Outreach is Matrix accredited with fully trained advisers who:

  • are experienced in delivering individualised, impartial careers, information, advice and guidance to young people and their parents/carers
  • are knowledgeable about local, regional and national opportunities with access to a wealth of up to date information
  • are skilled in tailoring careers information, advice and guidance to individual needs
  • can draw in additional resources to support individual needs
  • have current, enhanced DBS clearance
  • receive regular performance management and supervision

IAG Support for special schools

Kingdom Youth Outreach offers a comprehensive range of both ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke packages.

Through working in partnership with a range of providers, services are joined up more than ever before to provide the complete solution for:

  • Independent and impartial information, advice and guidance
  • Careers education
  • Work-related learning

Work related learning and work experience

Understanding the world of work is important for young people making decisions about their futures.

Youth Outreach Bonanza offer a range of work experience and work related learning services in United Kingdom.

County music and media studios

Situated in Watford, this is a fully kitted music and media studio which has been designed with young people in mind.

The facilities include a music studio where young people can perform and record their music; and a media studio where they can make a film, produce a podcast and learn about digital photography. Workshops can contribute to the motivation, personal and social development of young people through group work skills, building self-esteem, decision making and time management. In addition, these activities can be used as a tool to allow young people the space to explore the issues and challenges which they face in their lives.